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Sorry I havn't updated in like.....literally forever. School sucks, work sucks, you get the idea.

But now that my foot is broken, I should have a lot more time to actually get on here and be active again, thank god XD

So, anyways, KPOP has been killing the fuck outta my brain for a really long time. Especially recently. I don't even know where to start, theres way too much to say. So I'll just say this: 2PM stole my heart a while ago and still hasn't let go, those jerks <3; same for Epik High; SHINee will always be 12 in my eyes, no matter what, but thats okay, still love them; I'm actually getting into some girlgroups, something must be wrong with me haha...

and my brain is too overloaded to say anything more on account of I just watched the new 2PM Cass Beer MV thing. And fuck. Really? Could you guys be anymore teasing? Really? Really. Wooyoung I fucking love you. Damnit

Just cause I need to write them down somewhere before I forget them all:
*BIAS': Wooyoung. Jaebum. Taecyeon. Chansung. Tablo. Eunhyuk. Hangeng. Onew. Jonghyun. Key. Heechul. Siwon's eyebrows. Amber. Junhyung. Doojoon. Thunder. G.O.'s facial hair. Alexander. Kiseop. etcetc

okay, why does my foot being broken make me so tired. damnit. I can't remember any more.


Did you see the previews for that movie The Crazies with Joe? I was tempted to see it at first, just because he was in it, buttttttttttttttttt then I saw the pictures. And realized he still had his angst-tache from the end of Across the Universe. Just because of that I might not go see it. What am I talking about of course I'll end up seeing it hahaaha You excited for it?

Life is boring, I have nothing really to say, my foot is broken, I'm gonna go freak out some more over hot detective!Woo and Joe's mustache. <3

Joe Anderson commercial

So this post is basically for you, Sasha<3

OKAYYYY so I was just sitting here watching tv and not really paying attention to what was on and some commercials came on and one for the movie "Love Happens" and I was like, this looks interesting. So I kept watching and all of a sudden JOE ANDERSON.

Immeadiately I was like, zoning in on his face like INTENSELY PAYING ATTENTION XDDDDD

AKFLJAJLKASJKFLKSJLKSJF Im definitelyyyyy gonna go see this movie now!!

I'm (sortof) glad he's becoming more mainstream and doing more popular movies. I want him to become more popular so he can be in more movies, but if he becomes insanely popular, I'd miss our small little personal group of fans... XDD

Here's the one I saw:

Only like, the first 5 seconds is really worth watching, cause thats the only part Joe's in. But whatever, DAMN HE LOOKS CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


joe anderson love happens
Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3<3<3<3<3

Even when he has long hair like that and looks kinda scruffy, he's still adorable ;A;

The 27 Club

I've finally seen the movie I've been wanting to see since I first heard about it.

And it was every bit of amazing that I thought it would be, and more.

Joe Anderson, you are still one hot motherf*cker.

Have my babies.

I can't......I can't even describe how good this movie was. And Three-Words was so cuteeeeee!!<3<3<3

There better be some Three-Words/Elliot stuff for me to find, or I'll have to resort to making my own, which would probably be bad

Also, that brown leather jacket Joe is wearing during almost all of the movie? I WANT IT SO BAD. I've been wanting a good leather jacket for a while now, but haven't found one that I actually like, but leave it to Joe to wear one that I adore. And in brown<3


Oh, wellalr1ght, consider this my "note" to you that you told me to write after I watched it. I'm too tired and too high off Joe to re-write everything in note format <3<3<3

I'm definitely watching this again tomorrow, and recording it this time<3<3<3<3


So as I was flipping through my brothers new issueof GameInformer today, I came across an article about an upcoming game called "Muramasa: The Demon Blade."

First, this game looks AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Second, it's by the same people who did Odin Sphere, so it's bound to be good.

Third, the design for the girl character is sooooooo cute! The boy, too!!

I want to play it so badddddddd!! September needs to hurry up and get here!!!!!

Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oboro_Muramasa_Youtouden


meme thing

Taken from meganekkos :D <3

I was bored, so I decided to do it:

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:
01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

Shugo Chara
01:Uhhhh. I believe....I think it was when I saw this video on youtube of the Shugo Chara first opening, but with characters from a different show. I thought it was adorable so I looked it up and WHABAM I'm hooked :3
02:I'll definitely stay in this fandom
03:Ummmmmm I have no idea. I really like all the episodes, they are each so adorable and cute *w* But maybe....whatever episodes have Nikaidou and/or Kukai :D XD
04:Yessssssssss I draw ShugoChara fanart, though I havn't posted any of it yet. And I will be doing some ShugoChara cosplay soon
05:Yessssssss! There's never enough people in this fandom, and there's plenty of cute to go around :D


Code Geass
01:I have no idea. Probably, like ShugoChara, I saw a parody of the opening and then researched it and started watching it in Japanese with subs.
02:I've sortof moved on. I still love the series, but I'm not as hyper about it as I once was.
03:Favorite episode= wear the where dressed as animals. F*cking adorable.
04:Hahahaha uhhhh a friend and I used to write the most random and stupid and smutty CodeGeass "fanfics" during our math class.:D
05:Uhhh I believe this fandom is already hella popular, so, no need? XD


Tales of the Abyss
01:One word. Allison. She got this game, fell in love, persuaded me into playing and got me obsessed as well. Thanks, dear <3
02: Like CodeGeass, I'm not as obsessed as I once love, but I still love this game to DEATH.
03: Favorite scene.....hmmm......Uh. Well, I have a favorite memory. When I was over at Allison's house we were playing the last battle again with Luke dressed in his bathsuit clothes or whatever battling it out with Luke and we paused the game and Luke happened to be squating down with the WEIRDEST face I've ever seen on a videogame character on his face. So that + smartass comment + stupid shit we say = Amazing.
04: I want to do cosplay of it soon enough.
05: Again, this fandom is very popular, but we can always use more fangirls ;]



Update/things I've been up to lately

I havn't updated here in a while, so I thought I would describe my oh-so-boring life lately. [though maybe only like one or two people will end up reading this, whatever.]

1) Dark Knight. I'm obsessed. And not just regular obsessed. Like, holy-shit-its-all-I-think-about-anymore obsessed. In a good way. batman_lulz and batmanjoker pretty much rule my life, and hopefully I can draw some art and get more involved in the communities soon enough, instead of lurking and laughing hysterically to myself at posts. lol\

2)SATs. I took them this past saturday. NO ONE FUCKING WARNED ME IT WOULD TAKE SO FUCKING LONG. I swear to Heathus I was there from 7am to 2 fucking PM. Not cool. Completely ruined the rest of my plans for that day. Also, I had to write that essay for it or whatever? I'm most definitely getting points off that for going off topic. They need to make the topics easier. Fo srs.

3)Uh. Hmmmmmm.

4) Havn't watched any anime in a while, which is strange I guess XD Except for Casshern Sins. That show is definitely becoming one of my favorite, fast. Havn't heard of it? Go look it up. NOW. You won't regret it ;]

5)Metrocon is coming up soon! And guess what!! I GOT IN THIS YEAR. I AM AN OFFICAL METROCON 2009 FANTASY MASQUARADE STAGEHAND. Fuck yeah. Buhleave ut, biatch. Got all of my cosplays planned out [except Fridays, I still cannot choose], so once I figure all that out and start getting materials, I'll post updates and stuff.

GUH. BORING LIFE IS BORING. Though it is made less boring when listening to the "Freak Like Me" podcasts, reading BatmanJoker fanfiction, and laughing my arse off at pictures.

I love it.

ALSO, THANKYOU haruudesu!!! SHE MADE ME PRETTY ICONS:DDD Go look at all my icons for the ones marked "made by Haruu." I laves them so much<3<3<3

***ALSOALSO, Im still stuck in Tales of Symphonia2 and No More Heroes XD Who wants to help?
SO. I got it today! FINALLYYYYY it came out!!! <3

It's totally fun. Still getting used to controls, since its on the Wii this time around, but other than that I really like it!

EMIL IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. FFFFFFFFFJonny did such a good job with his "uke" voice XD Then he also did a good job on the manly "RatatoskWarrior" dude or whatever XDD

Speaking of voices:
    *Emil- JohnnyYong Bosch--- A+ (sounds EXACLTY LIKE RENTON!!!!!!!!! from eureka7)
   *Marta- Laura Bailey---(it took me FOREVER to figure out who she sounded like!! Marta voice sounds EXACTLY the same as Tohru Honda's from fruitsbasket, but with more of an attitude XDD)

*coughcough*Basically...I just don't like Lloyd's new voice...at all....



I'm suppost to be doing my English project that was due monday right now, but I'm posting this instead...


*goes to play more ToS2*



SO, ShugoChara episode 57.

OMG my favorite episode ever. XD Thank you, PeachPit, for putting some of my favorite guy characters into adorable girl clothes TWICE in one episode<3<3<3 GOD it was so cuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee!! fkjshdfk

Tadase in that girls uniform!?!?!? *////A////*

and Nagihiko trying to get into Kukai's pants in the corner? OHGOD *dies of extreme love* I KNEW IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!! Also, Nagihiko as a fishnet-adorable-dress-bunny, Kukai as a socute-cheerleader, and Tadase as a holyshitomfgdislfdjsa-MAID. PeachPit must love us fans alot.

I'm so so SO glad to have my beloved Nadeshiko/Nagihiko back~ <3 *swoon*

Because this episode was so full of awesome, I decided to make two icons. I was gonna do more with images from the second costumes they were in, but they didn't turn out too well (all scrunched and whatnot) not that these are much better looking...



(If you look hard enough, you can see Tadase holding down the skirt in the first one. too cuteeee =A=<3)

(And in the second, you can see Nagihiko lovingly attacking Kukai, who's boxers are showing GET HIM, NAGIHIKO!<3)


Also, my birthday was last (?) weekend? Lol November 2nd. Yayyyy older XD;;;

My mom agreed to get me a tablet so hopefully it comes soon!! It's also coming with Photoshop, CorelPainter, and one other software! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Hopefully I can actually learn how to use these ones and maybe get good at using them for my art (my art on dA has been just uncolored lineart for so long! I want to make pretty, cute, adorbale, colorful art, too!! >A<)


TORADORA OWNS MY SOUL. kfjkld I love it! Ryuuji is my favorite!! Such a cute little nervous habit he has! I'm definitly going to draw some fanart for him <3<3<3 Taiga too. I love her 2nd >u<



FIGHT, TSUNA, FIGHT!!! YOU TOO, YAMA! (I love Yama sooooooooooooooooooo much godddd. I think he is defintely one of my favorite characters...)

I can't wait for more episodes!



OH YEAH! MOYASHIMON!! I'm offically obsessed.

So it seems...

I won't be able to make it to film festival in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend to see "The 27Club."

Parents decided they didn't feel like driving 4 hours, and wouldn't let me go alone. So, no Joe Anderson for me. No movie I have been wanting to see for AGES now.

This is bullshit.


I can't wait til I move out.

And I have school tomorrow.




Sasha's poster caaaaaaaame. I love it. I love her. I love Joe. I love it, her, and Joe.


S-so prettyyyyyyyyy <3<3<3



I am the Red Wolf!
You are Red Wolf, who is not afraid of meeting new people, and are kind to everybody.
You are very sociable and extremely innocent woman.
There are many unique type of people in Red Wolf.
You are bold enough to push your own way, without being restricted by tradition and common knowledge.
You don't care what the other people think of you.
You want to do as you wish.
Therefore, your life style and preferences are little bit different from others.
You dislike having no style of your own.
You possess your own sense of balance, and you create your own environment.
You have sharp instinct that you use in daily life.
This makes you do a good job of life.
You are very pure inside, but this sometimes can create misunderstanding.
Your action that you do unconsciously may not be understood by the others.
Once you decide on something, you will definitely carry it out.
But that may be today or a year later.
This makes it difficult to plan other things.
You ought to be careful not to give up so easily.
Although you tend to be rather unique, the way you look for originality makes you successful in the field of designing and planning.
You are cheerful and have dreams, so you can adapt to circumstances quite easily.
You have a good sense of balance.
You can think and calculate about your future.
You may go for an arranged marriage.

Ehhhh more accurate than I thought it would be XDDD I don't know about that arranged marriage thing, though...LOL do they even do that in the US?? XDD

you can do your's here, bytheway, if you want:   http://world.doubutsu-uranai.com/index.html 



Characteristics & Personality


1. Wolves like to be called "eccentric"

2. Wolves have their own way of doing things

3. Wolves value time alone and space

4. Wolves don't like having their pace disrupted

5. Wolves don't say much

6. Wolves are good at taking charge

7. Wolves have an amazing chronological memory

8. Wolves don't mind performing simple tasks

9. For some reason, Wolves love to drive

10. Wolves like to watch things in motion

HOLY CRAP. so many of those are true XDDDD Like.....seriosuly XDDD ALl of those describe me XDD [especially the loves to drive one and watching things in motion LOLOLOLOLOL] <3


Dunno why but I like doing those types of things, just to see what I'd get XDDDDD

Randomtimes over. Gotta go read fanfiction :D

Speaking of which....I need more Jude/Max fanfiction D: